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HANkidz | Leadership Preschool
HANkidz | Leadership Preschool
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Our Vision

To create world peace and abundance by developing enlightened leaders through children.

Our Mission

To create a memorable “WOW’ childhood by providing the happiest place through a team of awesome teachers.

 Core Values 

Children come first

Unconditional Love

Be a role model


Constant & Never Ending Improvement

Why HANKidz?

Fun Learning

We create a safe space for children to have play opportunity by having free choice and free play.

Skills Development

Leadership, Social Development, Emotional Development, Language Development, Physical Development, etc.

Leadership Element

Leadership Roles (Classroom Leader, Line Leader, Dance Master, Team Leader, etc)

Nature Exploration

Farming, Environmental Friendly Space, & Spacious Outdoor Activity (Playground, Water Play, Physical Exercise, Assembly Dance)

Parental Involvement

Parent’s Active Involvement in Academic and Experience. Transparency and Open Feedback.

Nutritional Meal

HANkidz Leadership Preschool promotes a healthy – lifestyle menu that caters to your child’s nutrition needs for a balanced and healthy diet.


A Balance between Academics and Play

Parents are often overwhelmed with endless of preschool options. How will you ever choose a program that fits best for your child? The consensus is that the right approach is a blended one…

Get on board with HANkidz to get a head start in life for your child.

Any child can trained to be leader…

Contact information

33436, Jalan Wawasan 2/7, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


T/F: 03- 5882 0357

H/P: 018- 3884139

Contact person: Coach Xue Yi