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HANkidz | Our Services/Programs
HANkidz | Our Services/Programs
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Our Services/Programs


  • Experiential learning
  • Hands-on learning activity
  • Active participatory learning

Skills Develop

  • Leadership (Confidence, Integrity, Responsibility, Win-Win, Teamwork, Respect, etc)
  • Social Development(Group Learning)
  • Emotional Development (Empathy, Self-Regulation, Self Awareness)
  • Language Development (Request, Asking Question, Build Vocabulary, Two Way Communication)
  • Physical Development (Fine & Gross Motor)
  • Cognitive Development (Intellectual, Problem Solving, Higher Order Thinking, Creative Thinking, Analytical)
  • Academic (Reading, Writing, Counting)
  • Practical Life (Independent)
  • Readiness to Primary School (Speak Up, Make a Stand, Confident, Decision Making, Resolve Conflict, Socialization)

Leadership Element

  • Leadership Roles (Classroom Leader, Line Leader, Dance Master, Team Leader, etc)
  • GRIT
  • Culture & Principle Oriented
  • Leaders’ Day
  • Leaders of the World
  • HANKidz 7 Steps to Success

Nature Exploration

  • Farming
  • Environmental Friendly Space
  • Spacious Outdoor Activity (Playground, Water Play, Physical Exercise, Assembly Dance)

Parental Involvement

  • Parent’s Active Involvement in Academic and Experience
  • Transparency
  • Parents Volunteer in School Activities
  • Open Feedback
  • Parenting Session

Nutritional Meal

  • We value your child’s health as much as we want them to grow to become strong and healthy individuals who can achieve their dreams. Hankidz Leadership Preschool promotes a healthy – lifestyle menu that caters to your child’s nutrition needs for a balanced and healthy diet.


  • The healthy menu in the school is specially designed by the school nutritionist, Coach Amy to ensure a balanced diet for your child.


  • We do not provide processed food, only fresh ingredients are allowed.