Servers & Hosting

Fast, Dynamic and Reliable
Forget about the high cost of maintaining on-premise servers and hassle of disaster recovery plans. With Cloone’s server and hosting solutions, you can get your IT infrastructure hosted on the cloud. This provides you with an always available, cost-effective and scalable infrastructure.
We also offer web hosting packages that cater to all business needs. Leave the domain management to us. A domain name is your business address on the Internet. It also uniquely identifies your website. Your domain name is part of your brand and can promote your business. Cloone can register good domain names for your business that works well with your overall site’s design, as well as one that can positively impact Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.
Your servers and websites will be hosted on highly-secured datacentres, so you don’t have to worry about your data being compromised. You can even access these data from anywhere and anytime. With high uptime and reliability, our server and hosting solutions provide our customer with total peace of mind.
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