Loyalty Program

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Powerful Loyalty Solution for Your Business

With Cloone’s loyalty program solution, you can extend your customers’ interaction to the digital world, helping you convert every interaction into a rewarding experience. Loyalty programs are often regarded as a key component of mobile marketing. They go beyond awareness creation and lead capture to form lasting relationships with customers. Besides providing a great opportunity for the mobile platform to grow, loyalty programs are an excellent mechanism for businesses to cater to their mobile customers and retain them.

Digitizing Membership Registration

In the past, it was a norm for paper forms and long registration queues. Today, more businesses are embracing electronic registration services as an added-value for their customers as well as for themselves. Digitizing membership registration eliminates unnecessary paperwork, improves efficiencies and improves marketing capabilities while allowing the customers to sign up wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them from their own mobile device.

Retail Membership Management

Retail Membership Management gives businesses full flexibility to perform Single View of Member, Push Marketing based on Member demographic, Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) and Net Promoter Scoring (NPS). This real-time access to analytical tools and valuable data provides you with a comprehensive range of functionality to meet the requirements of the most demanding retail environment.

Redemption Module

The redemption module allows your customers to select their preferred option of reward collection – Traditional Redemption (in-store): Point Redemption/Cash and Point Redemption or Click and Pick Redemption (O2O): Click products online and pick outlet to collect products. This process can be validated and fulfilled in real-time at your outlets or online, any time of the day.


The introduction of e-receipts has been a convenience for everyone, especially the finance department. Customers like e-receipts compared to thermal paper receipts because it won’t fade, can’t be lost, easy to retrieve and are convenient to store. E-receipts can also pave the way for a whole new level of personalized customer engagement and marketing.

E-receipts can be provided to customers inside an app. The receipts can be store for a minimum of 7 years before they are archived. Records such as Sales Orders, Tax Invoices, Cash Sales, Delivery Orders and more can be kept and retrieved easily. It allows you to be customer-centric as dynamic content within the e-receipt program enables the delivery of unique content that is tailored to each individual customer.

Think about the money you spend every year on receipt papers. E-receipts allow you to go paperless and save money on paper and ink. One of our clients that implemented e-receipts managed to save up to RM75,000 in a year.

Switching to e-receipts also help in the communal efforts in going green. Regular paper can be recycled but the majority of thermal receipt paper can’t be recycled. Receipt paper will generate more waste and more trees will be chopped down to make more paper. E-receipts will help save trees and eventually preserve the environment.


Establishing a digital warranty module allows you to collect relevant product and customer data pertaining to warranty management. This is a great opportunity to promote other services further or offer extended product warranties. Additionally, customers can easily access their warranties at any time or place they require without having to keep a physical warranty card. This eliminates the hassle of possibly losing the warranty card.

Delivery Tracking

Upon completion of purchase, delivery tracking is very crucial to the customer. Keep your customers informed every step of the way for the delivery of their order. Your customers will be able to receive delivery update notifications and they can track the delivery status of their purchase through the app. Customers will know when their item is being packed, shipped and delivered.


a. E-Marketing Automation

Mobile marketing provides endless possibilities to reach your customers at the right place and time. With excellent e-marketing automation, your company’s image can be boosted significantly. Cloone’s e-marketing automation helps you build personalized relationships with each of your mobile app users. Reach your target audience directly with messages that matter, either through email, SMS, push notification or remarketing.

b. E-Voucher Blasting

E-voucher such as Member Day Voucher, Promotion Voucher, Festivity Voucher and more can be broadcasted to the customers. E-vouchers are great for retaining existing customers as well as attracting new customers.

c. Birthday Voucher Automation  

Sending a special birthday voucher accompanied with a greeting is a great way of staying engaged with your customers who will feel uplifted that you remembered them. It allows for personalized messages to be sent to your customers, delivering excellent customer experience. On the whole, capitalizing on this happy occasion brings high chances to generate conversions.

d. Festivity Promotion

Online events can be created during festive periods when demand is high and people tend to spend more. Fun and rewarding games such as “Wheel of Fortune Lucky Draw” and “Chinese New Year shake Ang Pao for Voucher” are great for attracting more customers and generating more sales.